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Hi fellow dog lovers!


My name is Jenny Manning. My husband George and I met the summer we graduated from Virginia Tech and have been happily married for 24 years. I am a Mom to three great kids: Jackson (21), Jaime (16), and Georgia (11). I also get to be a Dog Mom to Winter (a 5 year old white boxer with black spots) and our new puppy Daisy (yellow lab who is mostly white with yellow-tipped ears). My business was named after our sweet yellow lab Buttercup who passed a few months after launching my business.

I have lived in South Riding, VA (Northern Virginia) since 2003 and couldn't love our community more. I enjoy walks with my husband and dogs, boot camp, lifting

weights, fun with friends, traveling, puzzles and reading.

A few years ago I really started reading nutrition labels and realizing what I was putting into my body. I try to cook healthy meals for me and my family (it's not perfect) but I'm a big fan of the 80/20 lifestyle. 80% of the time you make a dedicated effort to eat the right foods and the other 20% is for treating yourself and eating things you really enjoy.

To be honest, I never really read labels for my dogs nutrition (food or treats) but I do now. I'm so glad I can make treats that have no preservatives or things you can't pronounce, just "real" ingredients (things humans eat). Our pups deserve healthier options and hey, they can follow the 80/20 rule too and have some Buttercup Treats when they give you those
sad puppy dog eyes.

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